Tour Down Under | Stage 1 – What A Scorcher!

Tour Down Under 2012
It was a scorcher out there today and it's one of those few times where I don't envy professional cyclists. The temperature on the road was 42C at 11am with a hot northerly wind that sucked the life out of you.

The riders averaged only 32.7km/hr for 149kms into a headwind from Adelaide to the wine region of the Clare Valley. Some guys went through as many as 16 waterbottles throughout the race. Team SKY made up 80 bottles for the team and they ran out. There were a few fines handed out for the “non-regulation supply of refreshments #24″. 50CHF to Matty Lloyd, Greg Henderson and Francesco Masciarelli and 200CHF to their teams. However, this had to do more with the commissaires clamping down on sticky bottles rather than allowing them to get refreshments from their cars within the regulations (sorry InnerRing – you’ve got me hooked on reading the rulebook):

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler and it’s a fantastic stage to watch out in Stirling. If you brought your bike to Adelaide, there are some wonderful rides out to Stirling and if you stick around for a few minutes after the stage you’ll get to ride home with the pros. Always a unique experience to the Tour Down Under.


Stage 1 Results

1. Andre Greipel (Ger) Lotto-Belisol 4:33:40
2. Alessandro Petacchi (Ita) Lampre – ISD
3. Yauheni Hutarovich (Blr) FDJ – BigMat
4. Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Liquigas – Cannondale
5. Daniele Bennati (Ita) RadioShack-Nissan
6. Christopher Sutton (Aus) Sky Procycling
7. Jonathan Cantwell (Aus) Team Saxo Bank
8. Xavier Florencio Cabrè (Spa) Katusha
9 Mark Renshaw (Aus) Rabobank
10. Manuel Belletti (Ita) AG2R La Mondiale

General classification:

1. Andre Greipel (Ger) Lotto-Belisol 4:33:30
2. Alessandro Petacchi (Ita) Lampre-ISD 0:04
3. Martin Kohler (Sui) BMC
4. Yauheni Hutarovich (Blr) FDJ-BigMat 0:06
5. Rohan Dennis (Aus) Uni SA 0:07
6. Eduard Vorganov (Rus) Katusha 0:08
7. Marcello Pavarin (Ita) Vacansoleil-DCM 0:09
8. Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale 0:10
9. Daniele Bennati (Ita) RadioShack-Nissan
10. Chris Sutton (Aus) Sky

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  • cyclingTips

    A video of the final kilometers I just found:

  • Peon Pro

    If you look at the overhead shot here you can clearly see that the crash happened first and then a few riders went into spectators who were off the road:

  • simonphillips

    Thanks Wade! I really didn’t want to wait up for the channel 9 highlights! Ouch! Really cool photos of the Rapha ride – so wish I was there. Say Hi to the university club riders lucky enough to be down there. Keep the behind the scene’s photos coming – great insight. Thanks.

  • simonphillips

    Been reading reports of an elderly lady taking out the peleton. CN says: ‘The cause of the crash was due to a spectator, an elderly woman, standing on the edge of the road who was clipped by a Vacansoleil rider, believed to be Kenny Van Hummel, who in turn brought the peloton down….The crash happened before Petacchi’s controversial manoeuvring, and seemed to be caused by two Vacansoleil riders tangling, with more than 20 riders including key Greipel teammate Jurgen Roelandts (Lotto-Belisol) and Frederic Guesdon (FDJ-BigMat) going down.’ There are two conflicting stories here. Video doesn’t support the old lady story. I wonder what happened to her – vaporised maybe, they were certainly flying!

  • Peon Pro

    I think the overhead video makes it pretty clear that the CN story is wrong.

  • Andy700
  • Nic3

    i signed that petition. really angry at channel 9 right now. meanwhile, why does that ch9 host keep referring to the race as ‘the classic’?!? anyway, great to see real racing back again.

  • Matt

    and the classic on sunday was described as a time trial on the morning show…………my mistake for watching the morning show really…….

  • Jii

    CT any chance of getting the photo of Rusty the shop dog with all the bike tools in the background as a download for a desktop. Classic photo. 

  • Andrew Pickell

    Since you have the rule book out, how far out do the barriers have to extend from the finish line?

  • Bracks_ashat

    Good to see the Tour of South Australia kick off the cycling calendar.

  • mattb

    I heart Jens

  • Michal

    What the people think about Pettachi not keeping his line?

  • luke

    No photos of the podium girls? they looked cute in the pictures on cyclingnews :)

  •!/BPriestie Priestie

    Ahh sh#t!
    Kicking myself not being there!

  • James

    Nearly caused a huge crash! Kudos to all others for avoiding it!

  • Euripides_6

    Bit tougher than bowling leg spin!

  • jules

    he looks the straightest of everyone in the photo above! (i know it’s just a still)

  • Michal

    It looked to me like that too… I think he first closed Greipel towards the left barier and when Greipel went around him from the other side, Pettachi started to swing right almost pushing Greipel into Hutarovich? and it took great bike handling skills from these two not stuck…

  • Sammy

    Regarding some previous post about where to get Greenedge kit, just saw GreenEdge cycling kit for sale at the aussie site Hopefully a GreenEdge rider can win a stage (or the whole thing) so we can get this whole Aussie thing off to a good start!

  • JBS

    “I ask my father upstairs to turn off the weather…”

    Jens, finally admits that he is the second coming of Christ?

  • Andrew

    Just loving this site. Didn’t get the chance to see much of the stage on TV due to the ordinary coverage, however your site and pics is painting a great picture of what’s happening over there! Keep up the great work.

  • Slhaydon

    tried watching 9 last night. what a waste of time, i wont be wasting my sleep on that again. 
    Must have been about 15 mins of cycling in an hour program. Anytime the camera was just watching the race roll on they cut to an interview, advert or South Australia promo as they obviously cant imagine who would want to watch some cyclists rolling along. 
    They did highlight all the crashes at the end as they deem this as action i suppose.
    Paul and phil have sold their souls.

  • Slhaydon

    shame on you

  • Tim

    It is an absolute travesty. I think the TDU owners/promoters should be asking themselves some serious questions. Cycling fans in AU should be in a riot. This is akin to the Aus Open being stuck on 11PM highlights. It’s a disgrace, a sham and is outrageous.
    SBS has supported cycling for years, and for the rights to go to 9 and for this to happen defies belief.

     Obviously without all of us knowing the arrangements and contract for the rights to go to 9, it’s easy to sit here and go crazy, but in the absence of any clarification from the TDU or 9, go crazy we shall. This is fair enough especially since CH9 and the TDU social media channels have gone stone cold silent. They clearly should be addressing the direct feedback from the fans and are ignoring it.

    Why did 9 even buy this event if they were going to bury the highlights and not do it justice. The WWoS coverage is a joke at best.

    Thanks Wade for bringing photos etc to us. I’ll be there next year.

  • Karati

    Video removed due to copyright claim by channel nine.  Just when their coverage couldn’t get any worse…

  • norm

    I’ve heard that Channel 9 bought the rights to deny SBS from showing it and therefore to decrease/deny SBS’ viewing audience. 
    Given the crappy coverage so far on Channel 9, this theory is gathering more weight in my mind…

  • Pete

    That site looks considerably cheaper than coast to coast (the site where the GE website direct you to buy from)

  • Anonymous

    The important question there then is why did the Tour Down Under sell it to them without any lock-in to coverage?

    I don’t blame Channel 9 for butchering an event’s coverage – moreso the event for giving it to them.

  •!/BPriestie Priestie

    Stuey, I love you, but please tilt your helmet slightly forward

  • Big Dragon

    Agreed Tiny Tim…….the person who signed the rights away with the stroke of a pen should be whipped to within an inch of their lives!!!!…bring back the stocks I say!!!! (And bring back SBS). And has anyone seen Dave Foster over there…..he has gone missing…

  •!/BPriestie Priestie

    I’d reckon the sales pitch went like this  …..

    ‘Channel 9 is going to own sport in the year of the Olympics, starting with the Tour Down Under!”

  • 42x16cc

    so so sad……. Damn you hand! Go @scuddsy

  • 42x16cc

    so so sad……. Damn you hand! Go @scuddsy

  • Berto

    I love the rules regarding  “Unauthorised refreshments” in a one-day race.  Riding the last 200km of a race without replacing your drink bottles is pretty harsh (or maybe I just need to HTFU!).

  • Anonymous

    Bloody Channel 9. SBS would have had this up on CC

  • Sven Nijs

    Can @TourismSA or @SantosTDU_Live plse explain how #TDU highlights @channel9 at midnight promotes the region and the sport to non-cyclists?
    Sent the above last night on Twitter but no response so far. Previously mentioned petition was signed earlier too.

  • Kirkdarn

    SBS should buy the rights to the NRL and show it at midnight.

  • Slhaydon

    gerrans 35th place is highest Greenedge!!?? did they ALL come down in the pile up.

  • Anonymous

    My goodness, what are those podium girls wearing?! Did they get a designer from The Jetsons?
    Pity about the terrible coverage on nine.  What a let down after watching beautiful coverage of Gerro’s win at Nationals, live and (nearly) in full.

  • Slhaydon

    the blond podium girl is the hottest thing i have seen in a long time – i dont notice her clothes ; )

  • Slhaydon

    the blond podium girl is the hottest thing i have seen in a long time – i dont notice her clothes ; )

  • Bracks_ashat

    Will SBS still be showing the TDF later this year or is that right given to Channel Nine?

  • Paulj88

    keep off the roads you seem to think you can do anything you like  also consider insurance to cover  the damage you cause to vehicles on the road

  • Simon.Bigguy

    A friend of mines brother is in-charge of a TV advertising budget which was allocated for the TDU. On learning the rights went from SBS to Ch9, they opted out – their view was that the cycling audience would protest. They felt the coverage would be late (correct), audience would protest (correct) and people would record the package and fast forward through the ads (guessing correct).

    It’s 10.30pm now – best set the HD to record and go to bed. I’ll get up early, watch and fast forward the ads!!!!

  • Slhaydon

    dont even go there. you plant an idea, careful.

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