Bikes of the Bunch – Specialized Venge

That stem could be slammed slightly more. If you look closely there's a half spacer in there.
That stem could be slammed slightly more. If you look closely there's a half spacer in there.
I'm a big fan of any bike that has something unique about it. New, old, flashy, name it. With the soaring popularity of cycling we're seeing more different bikes on the roads than ever before. I've noticed some ridiculously beautiful machines rolling around and I thought I'd start sharing some of the nicer ones I see over the summer.

A mate of mine just built up this ludicrous machine. It’s completely over the top. A Specialized Venge with Lightweight clinchers, Di2, Quarq powermeter. There’s not much to upgrade except for an internal battery kit (and the McLaren frame – the first one arrives to Australia this week). Only a few people will be able to pull off the McLaren without getting flak for it.

I know what some of you are thinking, “Ah..c’mon… you gotta earn a bike like this! All these newbie cyclists riding these squillion dollar bikes is nonsense!” I don’t know why people get bent out of shape over this. You can’t own the same F1 car as Webber or Schumacher, but it’s not completely out of reach to have the same bike as Cav or Gossy. If you’ve got the money, why not?

By my calculations this bike is worth about $20k. Worth it?

Note: I cannot disclose the identity of the bike’s owner as his wife will either a) divorce him if she found out the price, or b) want a vacation worth an equal amount.

If you have or know of a ridiculously beautiful bike that you’d like to feature, please drop me a line. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it does need to be interesting. If it has a story that goes along with it, even better.



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  • Erikvanname

    That is a ridiculous amount of money, yet I can’t look away.

  • Aussie Bazza
  • Notso Swift

    Great new series

  • Mr Bailey

    It’s just a bike. I’d rather a $5k bike which I would love just as much. I’d spend the remaining $15k on hookers and cocaine in Las Vegas and have much more fun. 

  • Fighter Pilot

    Is that a 1/2 spacer below the stem?  

  • Ben Sartori

    Very stealthy

    What does it say on the top tube near the seat post? Looks like “Past the carbon areo past design”

  • Abdu

    It’s no Bottechia but Dang it’s hot. Great to see it and we all know he has “earned it”.  
    As the man himself said – if you can, why the f*ck not?!  
    Just don’t f*ck it up with silly stickers, or overshoot a corner coming down a mountain, or wash out badly at Kinglake, or get hung out to dry between the bunch and a breakaway, etc etc. hehe. Oh yeh, if you make up for the missing bidon holder with a Camelback then you’re on your own..

    Now let’s see the C59 Fixie..? 

  • jules

    Wade i have an environmental company that specialises (no pun) in disposing of carbon composite materials using an environmentally sustainable process the (actual process is commercial-in-confidence, i can only say that there is zero damage to the environment). when your mate upgrades to the Macca frame, tell him to give me a call!

  • John

    What’s the story on the seat post clamp having two bolts on either side? I would presume its due to the irregular shape of the carbon seat post?

  • Di

    I think I just filled the cup.  Very noice.

  • mattb

    good to see its in the big ring

  • Steve Demchinsky

    I’ve seen this (exact) bike around a fair bit in my local hood. Almost fell off my bike first time it went past. Superb.

  • Greg Skowronski

    Great bike. I hope it gets a great engine otherwise it will be like a Ferrari with a Holden engine.

  • Hardo

    I’d seriously consider selling my nana to own such a beautiful machine. I have to say though… every time I see the Lightweight Logo I can’t help but think anything resembling ”Zapf Chancery”  is not a good font choice for logotype.  :P

  • Chris

    Of course, the owner may well have the funds to spend 20k on this, and spend 5k in Vegas.

  • Dave Anderson

    Sealed Gore brake cables. Will this thing get dirty enough for these to be useful?

  • Notso Swift

    …which leads to the question, should bikes be photographed with the crank at 90 deg or lined up with the chainstay.
    We all know RIDE has the opinion they should be in line, personally I like the 90 deg aesthetic as above

  • Priestie

    ?Zapf Chancery belongs in a Gutenberg book, not on the side of a pair of fast wheels.

  • NS

    SRAM chainrings???

  • JC

    Great looking beast….love the matte black…performance is one thing but at that cost I’d get something a little more exotic than an S Works. Still… great bike

  • norm

    How about a review on the ride characteristics? Is your mate happy with how it handles? Lightweight clinchers – pros and cons?

  • Hardo

    Right on! … and they could cut down half the weight of the wheels by using a more refined logotype and at least 2 less stickers either side.  :P

  • Rasmussen

    Specialized bring out an amazing stiff and aero frame that is close to 1kg.  And this is amazing news and a hot new bike? 
    It’s only six years after Cervelo managed a stiff aero frame close to 1kg. 
    Still, merida do a damned fine job on their bikes. 

  • Ben

    Seriously the battery mod is so easy it’s not funny!!!

    It cuts a bit of weight out if done right, and I got 6000km before it went to 50%….

    Want to see how?

  • James

    Wade, it would be interesting to know the reasons behind the decision for Quarq as opposed to SRM.  (Purely academic though – all of this equipment is way out of my league!!!)

  • Anonymous

    Incredible bike, very nicely photographed.

  • Dan Wilkins

    I’d say that Pegoretti down at BG in Camberwell would be a worthy addition….  ;-) 

  • BikeventsBruce

    That’s quite reassuring. I thought I might be the only one who could never own a pair of Lightweights purely because of the nauseating typeface. They might be great wheels but…

    Can’t bring myself to use anything by Bontrager. Just can’t cope with Souvenir.

  • Priestie

    I agree.

    After seeing the bike in the media, my first view was that it is an aero bike to compete against the likes of Cervélo and others – a clever cross-brand marketing ploy to further associate Specialized with speed, the ultimate in bicycle marketing.

    The Venge has clever design elements, however it wasn’t until I saw the bike I noticed the thickness of the downtube, the spacing between the rear wheel and the seat stay and the thickness of the seat tube.

    The S2 and S3 in my opinion lead the market in aero design, classic. Dog ugly, the Cervélo S5 does what the Venge and others are trying to do, but takes aero design to a new level for road bikes.  Admittedly the S5 uses elements such as the Foil downtube, however (without seeing equal wind tunnel comparisons) the S5 is where aero design is at in my opinion.

    The only drama with thin aero tubing is cross winds.

    The PR machine ….

    Nice to see you back in the peloton next year with Saxo too :)

  • mattb

    true, but this bike is prettier than a cervelo.
    smoother, less angles and looks less like it was designed with just a ruler and protractor

  • Todd!

    As a graphic designer by trade… my solution – Lightweight Black editions –

  • Todd!

    Hey Wade, you can do a feature on my bike – Baum Corretto… It’s 12 months old. I love it!

  • cyclingTips

    It would be a pleasure to Todd. It’s a stunning bike. Email me and we’ll set up a time to photograph it out in the wild.

    P.S. We’ll have to slam that stem a little bit more before the photoshoot though ;-)

  • Marcus

    If that bike could talk, I wonder if it would wonder whether there’s more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking.

    I also wonder if it can turn left?

  • pmark1bike

    Until I get aero Venge’s and Cervelo S5′s wont help me, I will stick to my EPS. :-)

  • pmark1bike

    Black decals do look better.

  • norbs

    It’s no Avanti Giro 4, that’s for sure.   :)

  • Jim

    I bet it handles a shite load better than a 6yr old Cervelo.

  • Richy Rich

    Hi… you should remove the hugly battery mounting (-16g)…

    I am quite surprise with the weight… i have the same kind of bike in size 58 and it is 6.3kg w/o crazy lightweight stuff (good corima mcc/lokk 695+di2).

    the price is high but i can tell you there is nothing stupid to spend in a nice bike as long as you can feed and educate your familly. some ppl would spend on business class ticket, expensive dinner, watches, jewelry, maistresse…

  • Jim

    I agree. WTF??? they are the worst part of the entire Sram groupset, and when your running mostly shimano kit, just put the 7900 rings on and your all sweet.

  • Cam

    I saw this frame (or something almost identical) setup as a fixie in my LBS on the weekend. I suspect that it was at least partly due to their (re)opening (hint for local Brisbane-ites), but could also be ‘because they can’. At least, that was the reason they gave to me when they showed me a new Cannondale EVO with similar matte black frame to this Venge built up to be ~5kg.

  • Tim

    CT, my Look 586 RSP weighs a fair bit under that Venge, when rocking Reynolds DVT46 ULs and thats with 2 x alloy cages, alloy bars, stem, Force brakes, shifters and front DR. Red rear DR, Red cranks, Speccy Toupe S Works saddle.

    That Venge looks rad, but practical? Gimme a 586, Izoard or Roubaix S Works which can actually be ridden. Or a Focus Izalco (you know the one I mean !! )

  • Todd!

    I’ll be in Melbourne on 3rd December – riding with the Total Rush guys – can you do that? Spacers gone – that was for the fine tuning Darren does as I wasn’t super fit when I got my fit done. Cheers, Todd

  • Todd!

    Can I double like!?!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for joining us, Mr Boonen!

  • Dr Taka

    Most of us know the owner Wade.

    Top top man… Totally admire him as a person and what he does outside his job.

    If someone deserve a machine like that it will be him!

  • Anonymous

    I can never quite decide if I actually like the Specialized humpback look or not. Jeez this one looks mean though, you don’t really confuse them for another marque usually either. Same with Pinarello and the whole wavy tubes thing.

  • Rob Scriva


  • Anonymous

    I think the weight is a consequence of the tube shapes – they just need more material to make these airfoil-y shapes than you do for a round tube, it’s just be the nature of the beast I reckon.

  • Projectblack

    From the picture it seems it has two wheels …. last time I checked that normally means it “actually” can be ridden.

    Most likely suits the owner perfectly for what “they” actually want to do!

  • Carson

    Both are acceptable according to the bible, OREC

  • Cam

    Yep, went to the LBS on the way home, and the S-Works fixie they’ve built up is the same frame. Maybe it wasnt ‘just’ for a promo for their opening…?

  • Craig

    That is a serously nice looking bike… the moment.
    I cant help but think though that in eight months or so it will look old.
    Just like all the other mass produced bikes out there do when new models come out.

  • Solar Sailer

    Remove the ‘lightweight’ decals and it’d be perfect!

  • Steel

    I could get the paper round done in 3 less minutes on this thing. Very nice.

  • Chromatic Dramatic

    Love the bit about naming him… if his wife is like most bike riders wives, then showing the pictures here is ok, as chances are they probably wouldn’t notice the difference between their old and new bike.

    I’ve got a mate, who got permission to upgrade his bike.  From an old clunker aluminium Trek to a carbon fibre Colnago.   A week or so later he was wheeling his clapped out commuter (a rusty old MTB with kids bike seat on it) and his wife asked “is that your new bike?”

    I’m pretty certain if I started riding home on a new steed my wife wouldn’t notice.  My son, however, would wonder where daddies red bike had gone!

  • Chromatic Dramatic

    Actually remove all decals (s-works / specialized etc) and it would be much much better.

  • Anonymous

    I built a full carbon bike for about $1,600 last May, and it weighs 15.4lbs, so just a few grams heavier than this.  I don’t see the point in spending $20k and not getting any lighter.

  • Anonymous

    I built a full carbon bike for about $1,600 last May, and it weighs 15.4lbs, so just a few grams heavier than this.  I don’t see the point in spending $20k and not getting any lighter.

  • Anonymous

    I built a full carbon bike for about $1,600 last May, and it weighs 15.4lbs, so just a few grams heavier than this.  I don’t see the point in spending $20k and not getting any lighter.

  • have_a_crack

    love it. you didn’t give away the dude’s name, in case wifey reads this blog. which means she has eyes, and could not fail to notice the demon machine in the garage, let alone the smile he can’t wipe off his face…

    good work. enjoy your money while it lasts

  • Jon X Mack

    I imitate the PRO’s, I shave my legs, I wear matching team kit, and I keep my bike above 6.8kg. Could I get it lighter? Yes of course, but if we’re doing all this other imitation, why not play to the UCI rules too?

  • Jon X Mack

    This is the nicest Venge I’ve seen and fills me with so much bike envy. I want.

  • Robert Merkel

    Because aerodynamics matters.  Much more than kilograms, most of the time.

  • Notso Swift

     cranks add a bit of weight, but I am (obviously) a LOOK man as well, problem is their sizing has gone a bit short for my frame.

    BTW 3 Business class to Europe with SA this Xmas for $18200, so pretty much spot on!
    Unlike this bloke my wife and I have  our “Luxury accounts” so every $ I spend on a folly she spends on hers (Bulgari!)

  • Michael

    Hey green eyed monsters. Quality is quality. If I had the cash … I’d be the fat guy in the Ferrari. #Vengeful

  • Robert Merkel

    I love people who buy the top-end bikes.

    They pay for the R&D that the rest of us can take advantage of at a third the price a couple of years down the line. 

  • Notso Swift

     anyone been weighed at the crits?
    My bike is big and is never an issue, (about 7.8 with pedals and cages) but how would you be to be tossed from a club race!

  • Notso Swift

     Mine notices everything,went through 3 saddles in 2 months didn’t say anything with the 2nd but with the third said “ANOTHER ONE!” LOL …Doesn’t mean I don’t try to fluff the prices though!

  • DrDon

    I think we all hear what you are saying…its just that no one is really listening…..too busy looking at the captivating lines, the stealth  finish, wheels sooooo (foldable?) light you dare not look actually ride them but you know you want them. ;-)

    its not about weight, its never about weight….its about lust. If the owner can justify the cost then good on ‘em, even if it cost 20K.

    Having said that i am not a super big fan of it, but thats a bit like saying i would rather have a Lambo Diablo over a DB9, or Cat Woman over Wonder Woman…pointless as if i could get either anyway.

    Hiding it from the missus though *may* not be the best move in the world, could end costing him more than 20k in the long run!

  • DrDon

    Its interesting the designs that come up from carbon, it really is an amazing material in the right hands.

    However, is it true that a lot of riders still really appreciate a more traditional looking frame design and/or material? I like to think so.

    I like to think that most cyclists still look back a bit more than in other sports, where there is still the appreciation of what has gone before. Great frames dont necessarily make great racers but when you look at some of the finer examples of frame design, such as those on the Fyxo site, for example, Moser, Merckx, Colnago, et al they are still very much wantable items. I still ride on my 20yo steel frame for getting to and frame work least i get road grime on the carbone.

    good design wins in the end. perhaps a problem with carbone is in fact as a design material it is to malleable?

    Anyone not look at the Baum site and drool? (still cant afford one though….)

    Whos with me on this one? Anyone….Bueller…..Bueller….

  • pinarello413

    That’s a seriously good looking bike.  If I got it, I would be getting divorced.
    It’s nice to be able to get something like this and I have a $14k bike in my quiver but,…..
    You could get a great aero bike (Venge, S5, Foil) for under $5k and have just as much fun as this $20k (ok we’re all jealous) wonder machine.
    I maybe a Pina man but I’m getting a base S5 for my next plaything (sorry the Valverde/Luis Sanchez signed Prince is just too beautiful to race). will be riding with a big smile and have a saved marriage.

  • rain(wo)man

    I love that men have to hide their bike purchases, or understate the price. It’s no longer something only women do! HOORAY! We’re even.

  • No

    I love bikes almost as much as I love riding them.  But, for me, it’s not just about how much they cost.  This is a good post – I hope you’ll take the opportunity to post other unique bikes that don’t necessarily cost the earth, but are unique or interesting in their own way.

  • Pou-Pou

    Looks are fine but how does it ride?

    I remember Lennard Zinn’s report in Velonews a while back – he found it unrideable

    “I couldn’t wait to get off of the Venge; it’s simply too harsh a ride
    for me”

     it stuck in my mind because you hardly ever see anything critical on these high end bikes, bad for advertising revenue

    But I guess that if you’ve dropped that much on one you’re not going to admit that it’s all show, no go

  • Klarased

     he likes the look of black. They do not make black duraace. + it’s a powermeter Sram Quarq.

  • Klarased

    Quarq is easily serviceable as opposed to SRM. The battery change with SRM requires sending it back to distributor, etc…

  • Priestie

    Hope it didn’t go down on the NRR this morning!

  • Priestie

    Hope it didn’t go down on the NRR this morning!

  • Gabriel

    you can make any bike look good with lightweights and a decent SLR camera… venge in real life is ugly as once you go bigger than a 54 frame

  • Gabriel

    you can make any bike look good with lightweights and a decent SLR camera… venge in real life is ugly as once you go bigger than a 54 frame

  • sammysanchez

    difference between S-Works Venge and McLaren Venge is the carbon. McLaren assisted Specialized with the carbon technology, not the aerodynamics as you would presume. So basically the McLaren is lighter and stiffer

  • sammysanchez

    difference between S-Works Venge and McLaren Venge is the carbon. McLaren assisted Specialized with the carbon technology, not the aerodynamics as you would presume. So basically the McLaren is lighter and stiffer

  • jules

    he’d have his priorities mixed up then

  • Anonymous

    RIDE mag. Last issue reviewed the S-Works Venge, this one took a look at high end wheels, incl. the Lightweights. All your questions answered :-)

  • sammysanchez

    Price is easy to justify! COST PER USE. break it down, compare it to your missus gym membership and you’re laughing all the way to the bike shop for another wheel upgrade.

    Also, you have to realise that some people are genuinely passionate about “stuff” therefore $$ don’t matter. this applies to just about everything in life.

    I don’t have time for those who ONLY perceive dollar value. They get no satisfaction…

  • Robert Merkel

    I see it as a matter of pride that we should all play by the rules, even if violations aren’t going to get caught.

    Let’s be honest – we could all get away with using PEDs to cheat at club level, but the vast majority of riders don’t as a point of pride.

    To me, knowingly using an illegally light bike is similar in kind, though much lesser in degree given that it makes stuff all difference to race results must of the time.  

  • Cdog

    the T Dog has great taste and he is a great guy

  • Cdog

    dont be jealous 

  • Rasmussen

    I’ve owned a couple of cervelo’s.  I have to admit, they were rocket ships.  You know that feeling you get when you put deep section carbon wheels on the first time?  It was like that all the time with the soloist and S3.  Handling however, was rubbish compared to my new bike.  Whoever decided to put 399mm chainstays on a road bike was obviously a triathlete. Needless to say things felt a bit sketchy on rough roads at high speed. 

    My point at first though wasnt so much having a go at Specialized.  They are good bikes that come out of a good factory in Taiwan.  I’ve built hundreds of them, they have great finish quality.  However I just dont get it why there is such a cult following to a bike that isnt exactly cutting edge, good value or more advanced than what anyone else does (ie cervlo did it years ago and plenty of people do light and stiff now).

  • Rasmussen

    We dont cheat as a point of difficulty Robert.  I reckon if you could easily get drugs and have medical supervision to make sure they didnt mess you up then there would be lots of sneaky people willing to pop a pill or two.  But when there isnt any financial reward in doping then I imagine effort is just too great. Especially when many of us struggle to find more than 15 hours a week in ride. Did you see the guy at Startford to Dargo that had a totally pimped out bike?  AX lightness wheels, AX brakes, Clavicular cranks, THM carbones handlebars etc?  He had the lot.  I reckon his bike wouldnt have been a whole lot more than 4kg.  He was still weaving all over the road though.

  • Notso Swift

    Thanks Sammy, a lot of the differences are a bit “hazy” I think that is more to keep the Venge being perceived as being much closer to the Mac. I must admit I didn’t know the differences were so structural.

    I have seen the bike above at Rush cafe one morning  when dropping in on a friends birthday, spoke to the owner for 5, it is sweet

  • Notso Swift

    Thanks Sammy, a lot of the differences are a bit “hazy” I think that is more to keep the Venge being perceived as being much closer to the Mac. I must admit I didn’t know the differences were so structural.

    I have seen the bike above at Rush cafe one morning  when dropping in on a friends birthday, spoke to the owner for 5, it is sweet

  • Notso Swift

    Thanks Sammy, a lot of the differences are a bit “hazy” I think that is more to keep the Venge being perceived as being much closer to the Mac. I must admit I didn’t know the differences were so structural.

    I have seen the bike above at Rush cafe one morning  when dropping in on a friends birthday, spoke to the owner for 5, it is sweet

  • Anonymous

    From MIT: “We’ve learned that your bike accounts for only 15 to 25 percent of your overall drag; 75 percent of how fast you go is determined by how your body gets in the way of the air.”

    Learn to get low on your columbus steel bike and you’ll go faster than a poor position on a Venge.

  • Notso Swift

    Euro Pro = definitive ;-)

  • Matt

    Awesome rig! Absolutely love it and great pics. However, it’s an eyesore to a mechanic to see the QR axles not being cut to length. Please get that fixed a.s.a.p. It’ll also save another 5 g.

  • DodgyDan

    or you could save the trip and just pop in a couple of doors up from Total Rush…

  • Chromatic Dramatic

    Yikes that is hard!

    While I may try and fluff the prices, I still cop swift rebuke.  Anything over $0 on bikes is too much.  But courtesy of at least commuting to work (and saving the cost of buying another car or public transport) I can (only just) get away with it.

  • Chromatic Dramatic

    Now that is a serious eye for detail… I would never have picked that up!

  • Hardo

    My wife looks after our finances…. so unless I can stash some cash,  I’m screwed.

  • Tambo


  • Hardo

    My wife knows when I’ve been looking at the Baum site…. I get all “Barry White” on her…. :)

  • eatmorelard

    So what is the go with carbon clinchers? Awesome or am I going to end up in some unpleasant incident descending Buffalo in 40C or rain?

  • Notso Swift

    Wade needs to do a write up on that Bike!!!

    I remember looking at the positives for cyclists and despite “not being tested” quite a few of them were for Masters…
    I think the list is on the UCI, maybe WADA

  • Robertbb

    And of that 15-25% , most of it is in the wheels… the frame accounts for very, very little indeed.

    Give me a light, stiff bike with traditional round tubes any day of the week. Love the aesthetic much more. Same goes for groupsets that actually have cables.

  • Robertbb

     If you ever need to use the brake, probably.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t express how horrible those Lightweight decals are. Zapf Chancery, AYFKM? I also question the use of “Lightweight” as the brand name because after watching Frontline on the ABC years ago, I still associate that word with “integrity” rather than a comment on actual weight.


  • Robert Merkel

    Didn’t see it.  Not at all impressed, however – and had I been done out of a result by somebody riding a clearly illegal bike I think I’d have put in a protest.

    I do have to wonder how many other underweight bikes there were at that race. 

    The funny thing is (notwithstanding  my own misadventures with MTB derailleurs for Stratford-Dargo), by the sounds of it he probably would have got better results by just fitting a 32-tooth cassette and riding directly up the road rather than delivering the mail. 

  • Robert Merkel

    Sure.  And a couple of hours extra every week doing intervals would provide more watts to push the air out of the way. 

    But – whatever your fitness and flexibility levels – you’re going to be faster on the properly set up  aero frame with the deep-dish wheels than that lovely steel frame with custom wheels built up with 32-spoke Open Pros.

    Not much, but a little bit.

    And a helps lot more than weight does, and in more situations.  Most notably sprints, where most races are actually won and lost.

  • Scott

    Hey Wade, the response to your article had been amazing but it has also opened up another topic for you; “Excuses married men use to jusify the purchase of a new bike.”  When I was once married here were my top 5 reasons;
    1) I have mates who spend more than that on the ponys.
    2) At least I’m not down at the pub every night like some blokes.
    3) Cousin Chad is such a selfish prick the way he spends all weekend on the golf course.
    4) I actually needed a new bike but thought it would be better if I just purchased this wheel set.
    5) I spend less on my bike than you spend on Southern Comfort and talking long distance to your mother.

    In case you’re wondering, I replaced my wife with something far more attractive - a C59 with super record, Zipp 404′s and all dressed in black!

  • Kos Samaras

    Wont say much but that its a dam good review for a bike that is put together beautifully for those who race 

  • Chromatic Dramatic

    Where is the punch line?  Something like…

    “and I can ride her as often as I like”.

  • Todd!

    Do it Don… Save over the 6 months it takes to build, the wife wont even notice you ferreting the cash away over 6 months :-P

    I did! I just can say you wont want to do it all again!

  • Jim

    Mine notices a new set of tyres .. even if they are the same brand / model and she keeps an eye on the bank statements as well.
    Can still get away with a bit when ordering stuff, I make sure I split orders with a mate and of course 90% of the bill is his stuff so as to fudge the cost.

    Big items – just tell her up front

  • Khalid

    Wade Wallace is the owner.

  • Rice Fan

    Shimano do make a black Dura-Ace chain ring: it’s part of their Yumeya “Dream Workshop” upgrade kit…

  • cyclingTips

    I wish! Just put together my new Focus Izalco. It’s no trophy bike like the Venge but it goes alright!

  • Ben Pilot

    ok I will get a set of shots off to Wade…. here is a sneak peek!

    battery mod takes about 45 mins and reduces weight by 80gms and double recharge range…. all for about A$45

  • Ben Pilot

    6.8kg (cough)

  • Paul Rosham

    Saw a McLaren Venge left outside Cafe Racer 2 weeks ago – belonged to Baden Cooke apparently. All I could do to make myself ride of on my S-Works Tarmac SL

  • [email protected]

    Looks like  lot of bike envy going on.  I think a lot of these guys that cannot afford a half decent bike will look for as many faults as possible, from keeping the cost of this awesome machine away from the Mrs to the weight and all of the other crap in between.  If we all had this type of narrow minded take on life no one would dare drive a Porsche, Ferrari or Lambo. Why, when you could drive a supped up Falcon or Commodore.  Get a grip and get over it.  I’m sure that you would all be riding the one if you could earn enough coin.

  • Supafly46

    Bike looks stunning, would love to own one.  Still wont make me go any faster (maybe it would for a bit:)  BUT seriously, that Di controller under the stem needs to be sorted, looks shite! mind you, anyone want to do a feature on my 09 CR1?

  • Mike

    That is my bike :)

  • Richard Stringer

    Great points Doc – my son passed up the opportunity for a flash new carbon trackbike, for the hand-built Italian Zullo (with unique paint-job) he bought off a mate for 50 bucks. He races/trains on it 2-3 times a week, and gets comments and double-takes CONSTANTLY. It’ll last (another) lifetime in his care.

  • Marc

    Whereas when I crashed my bike, my wife talked me into getting a more expensive replacement…

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