Clean Chain = 5 Watts

On this mornings bunchride Brett Phelan gave me this great tip.  Have you seen this guy’s chain?  You could brush your teeth with it!

We all spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars trying to save precious watts.  For example, when Zipp released their carbon wheels with golf balll dimples they claimed that it’ll save you between 1 and 4 watts.  I wanted to go out and spend $3k on a pair right away!  We’re such suckers for that cheap marketing ploy.  It might seem small, but all these 5 watt increases can add up to 50 watts in a hurry.  That’s huge!  Of course the law of diminishing gains comes into affect costing you thousands of dollars.

Here’s a tip that won’t cost you anything and will save you up to 5 watts.  Clean your chain!  A clean chain vs a filthy one can save you precious power through reducing the losses through the drivetrain with all that muck and grime sitting in there.


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