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Top Tubular Tires of 2018



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Tubular tires have been around for a long time now and finding the best one seems to be a puzzle as so many brands claim to be on top. Although some manufacturers say they have performed multiple tests, proving they have made the best product is questionable.

The most important factor while getting the best tire is the performance test. Does it have the ability to go through rough road conditions? How long does the grip last for under periodic use? OR my favorite, will it last longer than 2 months?

Most of us who ride quite often need a tire that won’t give up even if we do, and with the new year here and new goals set, its time to get the best equipment out their to complete what 2018 has in store.

Which one is the best?

1. Continental Competition $91

The Competition tire is a traction based product that is based on quality and overall performance over other attributes. Each tire is made for road racing and any trial runs for the season.

The tire is made with the ultra grippy dimpled Black Chili profile and one layer of cut resistant Vectran for any sort of wear and tear to come.

Since Continental has come out with there new line of  Competition products in 2018, they have proved to be outstanding. With this they are 1st place in the best all-around tubular for 2018.



2. Vittoria Corsa Evo CX $95

We all know that Vittoria is known for challenging competitors for the most comfortable ride on tubulars. Once the Corsa Evo CX came out customers were shocked of how smooth yet durable the new tire was! With graphene added to the rubber and new tread pattern, these Corsa Evo CX’s take second place for the draw of 2018.


3. Panaracer Practice $46

The Panaracer Practice is a great tire for those that are looking to practice efficiently and not have to break the bank doing it. With the price of the product so low, going through a few sets isn’t an issue. Although you’re paying much less for this tire compared to the others, don’t be fooled, the Panaracer is still a GREAT product.

Reviews have made it to 4.5 stars with the overall functionality of the tire, and with that this tubular takes 3rd place.



With all the results in, the choice is yours. From grippy to an outright bargain, the top tubulars of 2018 have made there mark. And to many of us who rode heavy last season, the choice is up to you whether or not you’re going risk another day with less grip or a flat waiting to happen. Hear your bicycles cry for a new set of tires, even if its on downtime!


Searhing for more information about these tubulars or interested in purchasing a set for yourself? See links below for purchase information and for any questions unanswered.

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