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Carbon Clinchers of 2018 (TOP OF THE LINE, AFFORDABLE)




How many times do we run into new carbon clinchers on the market and wonder how different they really are from tubulars? Many critics claim that the two can not be compared as both wheelsets are used for different trails and are rider opinion based. The good news is we’re not here to talk about the comparison, but the highlighted subject of the TOP Carbon Clinchers of 2018.


To begin, has anything really changed this year in the carbon clincher subjet? The market clearly states so but, whats the hype anyway? Well, 2018 has something new to offer, a new form of wheels. Still a carbon clincher, but now a better version. The Top Sellers of 2018 have arrived.


Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 ($2000-$5000)

The Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 is the top carbon clincher of 2018. Why? Not because of its name, but because of the increase in ride quality and new sizing has made this carbon clincher a MUST-BUY for 2018.

Campagnolo introduced the Bora wheel in 1994 and has not let down consumers since. Although we are in the category of clinchers, tubular versions of this same wheel are available as well!

The new Bora Ultra 50 is based on a rider appreciated rim. Campagnolo has made these as reliable and smooth as possible now. With a choice between 35mm and a 50mm, riders can expect an all-new AC3 braking track that Campagnolo has designed for any wet condition that can be difficult to break in. Campagnolo also included the very demanding CULT ball bearings that have made in move in history with the Bora One alloy wheel.


Two colors are available in the Ultra 50’s, including a bright Red and White label or a dark all around Grey label. At a weight of 1435g, this wheelset is the #1 in this years pick with all of the attributes mastered.


Ses Enve 4.5 $2500-$3500

Ses has created a quality built wheelset that has been Formula 1 inspired and meant for any high-speed longevity. They are 48mm and 56mm in depth. Equipped with Chris Kings hubs, the Enve 4.5’s have 30% decrees in rider strength during the motion of breaking. These wheels are rated the highest in the Carbon Clincher breaking subject.

This 4.5 rim is a second generation wheel that is based on the SES rim profile of the old 6.7. Of course being the new kid on the market, Ses made this wheelset to be a staggering 958g in total weight. Although the Ses is a great wheel, this one does take second place in the raking for 2018.




Zipp 404 Firecrest ($950-$1800)

Firecrest has a design that was created to be one of the first deep dish carbon clinchers that were able to hold the same aerodynamics, quality, and stiffness as a regular clincher would. With the new 404 design released, competitors can hardly keep there chin up. The 404 has taken the lead on many of its attributes on their deep dish carbon clincher wheel. One to mention would be the rough terrain argumentative subject.

Zipp has been working on a conclusion to master the subject of breaking on their wheels. As many of us know, carbon can become very difficult to work with when heat and distortion begin to happen over time. This bad habit has been noticed by Zipp and quickly been overridden by a new heat resistant-resin that is added to every 404 Firecrest.

ZIPP 404

Budget Builds

Prime Pro Road $322

Prime Pro’s are structually built fantastic. They are equipped with R020 forged and CNC machined hubs and 20 DT Swiss double-butted J-bend spokes with DT Swiss Pro Lock alloy nipples. They are GREAT for road and offroad use. While road recommended, the wheels can be used for almost any terrain safely.

Prime Pro

Prime Pro Road wheelsets are spectacular for budget builds. With unbelievable durability, the price just doesn’t seem fair. This new wheelset is created to be the top product of Prime this year. The Pro wheelset is just shy of 1500g and has been number 1 against other competitors in its price range.

Fulcrum Racing 3 $370

Fulcrum has finally made a set of clinchers affordably and ride-worthy for any experienced rider. Equipped with a 2:1 spoke ratio and an oversized hub flange these wheels are stiff and ready for any bumpy road. Although the matching white hubs are difficult to keep clean these wheels are built to stay functional during the worst of conditions.


Fulcrum has designed the wheels to be ultra light at 1588g. The idea behind building the Racing 3’s is based on the winnings of the World Championship Road Race and I can say this budget build clincher definitely did not lose that performance that won those races.

Campagnolo Scirocco C17 $500

The 2018 Campagnolo Sciroccos are now updated to a deeper and wider width rim that has gained more travel in aerodynamics and overall efficiency. These Scirocco C17s are welded and machined for more stopping power under any heavy circumstances or weather-related conditions.

Campagnolo Scirocco C17

At a 1654g weight and 35mm depth, the wheelset does not seem any different from before, BUT current consumers claim the wheels have an unexplainable comfort.

The Campagnolo Sciroccos are available in a Campagnolo or Shimano freehub depending on the riders budget.


With the 2018 results in, Carbon Clinchers don’t seem that scary after all. From the #1 Carbon Clincher to budget builds, all of these clinchers are available for purchase. And if you are still on the edge of the clincher idea, check out the other blog posts on manufacturers that are top in Tubulars and other subjects.




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