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Tubular Tape of 2018 (BEST & WORST)



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Tubular glue seems like a old an out of date method of procedure for tire installation on our wheelsets sometimes. Although it’s been around since tubulars have roamed the earth, the messy uncanny glue doesn’t have a predecessor, or maybe knows of one.

Until now..

Tubular Tape – some have heard about, others may have even tried it. Whats the success? The rumors have it that a new boy on the block has a high success rate. So high that the glue days may end soon.

Effetto Mariposa’s Carogna Tube Tape


Tubular tape is not the most popular idea VS tubular glue. Because of how strong and efficient the glue proves to be, the double sided tape idea is grade school stuff. For a time no one wanted to touch the tape as the glue just proves to reliable. The mess and tedious work of the glue has to be ignored.

And now, Effetto Mariposa’s Carogna tape is announced, and it has been working miracles since. The sleek and clean design of the tape leaves the mess and potential glue-on-carbon nightmare out of the picture.

Afraid your tire is going to slip off while in heated conditions? Worry no more, the Carogna tape is rated for -40 to 300 degrees without a budge in performance.

Still not promising? Check this out; gave the tape a 4.5/5 star rating with multiple customer reviews that are very high in stats and seek much more of the product.

” 9/10

The tape is so easy to fit thanks to its design, and the differing glues create a firm bond.”

” 9/10

Strong adhesion with glue-like performance.”

” 9/10

I certainly didn’t have any issues with differing temperature ranges or tire pressures.”


Carogna Tape

User Difficulty

Coming from tubular glue, using tape instead has to be more difficult, right? WRONG. As we all know glue is a process and a messy one at that, but there is a reason behind it. If a glue job is poorly accomplished the results of that will appear in crucial moments.

Whats the difference with the Carogna tape? It is less messy, doesn’t smell and EASY to install! Although it takes about a day to fully cure, once done the tire is steadily in place and ready for any trail or trial.

Check out these videos for installation and removal of the Tape:


Carogna released 3 different sizes of their product depending on your rim size. From 16.5mm to 25mm (with 20mm in the middle). All three sizes are varied and can be used for similar sized rims. All sizes come in a roll that can wrap one ~700c wheel fully, unless more stock is purchased. See size chart here and any purchase information below.

For 16.5mm:

For 20mm:

For 25mm:


2 Metres (one rim specific) : 16.5mm:




16 Metres (up to 8 rim specific) : 16.5mm:




For those of you that are still not convinced of this so-called glue predecessor and think the tape will fail under high amounts of abuse, continue reading.. Carogna is made of two different types of glue – one to stick to the rim and one to hold onto the tire. Which one is stronger? Well for the riders that use glue understand that cleaning excess glue from the tire is not the issue is, but cleaning the rim is the real problem.



The tape is about 2.5mm thick and can easily be adjusted or cut if the tire or rim pertains. During installation, the tape can be adjusted to almost any position a rider feels safe and appropriate to leave it at. Once the safety tape is removed the Carogna product will hold in last modified position. Once pressure is introduced the tape will only get stronger with the recommended 8-24hr cure time.

Carogna has designed their tape to stick more while pressurized, in return when removing a faulty tire or changing out a wheelset the tape only leaves a few millimeters of excess residue to clean (which can be done in minutes as most of the tough stuff stays on the tire).


See for yourself the difference Carogna tape compared to other tubular tapes; “… a big plus against mastik and even other tapes like Tufo’s version. It doesn’t come off the rim easily, mind. Once it’s cured the bond is very strong and it takes some serious manhandling to get the tire off the wheel.” says

If you’re over the messy or smelly glue days, try the Carogna tape you may be surprised with the results. I know I was.


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