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Best Tubular Tire Glue of 2018 [ UPDATED !!! ]




Interested in tubular glue and not sure what to get? Confused about which brand is actually the best? If 2017 just didn’t supply what you needed, search no more, for consumers and the popular demand have spoken. The top glue is here, and it is the BEST OF 2018.

Vittoria Mastik’One

To begin, when Vittoria released their Mastik’One product competitors weren’t happy. The reason behind this has to do with to the idea that tubular tape was on top, but for the glue market, it was different.

Beware, as the story of David and Goliath is less gruesome than this one. Vittoria Mastik’One took 1st place with ease since it hit the market. The results were impeccable.


Although some believe tubular glue died out years ago when tape hit the sales, the glue audience did not quit their hype.

Vittoria Mastik’One has seen more championships than any clincher or other glue so far. Impressive? More than that, almost every rider in those races have or are currently using Mastik’One glue on their tires today.

For those who bring up the success story of tubular tape, although it is a VERY great product, in this instance not exactly the right idea. Vittoria is #1 among other glues. Yes yes, I know of Conti and Panaracer. Great products again, but vs the Mastik’One they do not compete.

Glue 3


If you are interested in moving to glue for your tubulars but unsure of how to do it, see here:


The benefits of gluing you’re tubular with¬†Vittoria Mastik’One:

– Strong under load

– No tubulars slippage or disconnection

– Minimal to no leaks

– Incredible durability

– Championship history

– Affordable

Glue 2

This tubular is glue comes in two different options, one 30 gram option for gluing a tubular or two (depending on the content used) and also a 250-gram tin option for large quantity gluing (about 12 tubulars).

Don’t settle for messy and strong scented glues that may cause you an accident during a cycle, get your Vittoria Mastik’One today.

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